IMG_2313J.R.’s Microgreens are grown using organic, sustainable practices and harvested in Virginia Beach. Please read on to learn more about our growing practices, the benefits of fresh microgreens, and our sustainability practices.

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Growing Practices

J.R.’s Microgreens are grown naturally in nutrient filled soil, and no pesticides or chemicals are used during any stage of their growth.

They are transported to market in the planters they were grown in, and are sold live for optimum freshness, or cut and bagged on site on request. This method ensures the microgreens taste their best, and increases their health benefits.IMG_2281

Benefits of Fresh Micogreens

J.R.’s Microgreens are naturally packed full of vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta carotene. The fresher the microgreens are, the stronger the flavor, the crisper the texture, and the stronger the health benefits.IMG_2219

Buying a container of J.R.’s Microgreens allows you to take home the live plant and cut the microgreens fresh whenever you want a pop of flavor, color, and nutrients in your meals.

To learn more about the benefits of incorporating microgreens into your diet, visit our Why Microgreens? page.

Sustainability Practices

In addition to being grown using organic practices, we try to decrease our environmental impact whenever possible.

We frequently sell our microgreens in repurposed containers including mugs, cups and glasses, and welcome you to use these ‘planters’ after you’ve eaten all of your microgreens.

When plastic planters are used, we encourage you to recycle them when you’ve finished your microgreens, or you can bring back any container your microgreens were grown in and we will reuse or recycle them for you.